Taking a break

Happy holidays to our FWPCA attendees and supporters. Thank you for contributing your time and knowledge. We hope you get to spend the holiday season with your loved ones. We will be taking a short break from posting updates to spend time with our families. We will resume posting on January 24th. After we get… Continue reading Taking a break

Countdown to the Conference

The conference is quickly approaching. We have a little under 3 months before we all get to join together to talk about popular culture. Remember to register for the conference as soon as possible to get the early bird pricing. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Concept Spotlight

The FWPCA proudly fosters an environment for all different types of conversations regarding popular culture. One of the sessions from the 33rd conference focused on how we learn from fiction. I think this session is a great example of how we can translate the information from our conference into new contexts. You may be a… Continue reading Concept Spotlight

Concept Spotlight

The FWPCA fosters conversations in many areas of popular culture. One of the most fun presentation areas is “Comics”. Visit the digital proceedings from the 33rd FWPCA conference to get some inspiration from some amazing scholars who talk about your favorite comics and Marvel heroes. You can see the video here: https://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/fwpca/33rdannual/fourthree/1/


This is just a reminder that you can register for our conference even if you are not presenting. If you are presenting you will need to register for the conference in addition to submitting your paper. We have early bird registration and if you register now your registration fee goes from $150 to $130. Please… Continue reading Reminder

Spreading the word

As you may have seen from last week’s post, Dr. Bill Kirtley and Patricia M. Kirtley were able to reach people internationally with their paper. That is one of the perks about presenting at the FWPCA, your paper can reach a wide audience. Not only can you network with other scholars at the conference, but… Continue reading Spreading the word

Concept Spotlight

Dr. Bill Kirtley and Patricia M. Kirtley participated in our conference last year and had an amazing paper and presentation titled “Happily Ever After: An Analysis of Romance Novels.” Their paper not only highlighted the value of discussing popular culture but also intersected with important discussions about COVID-19. Dr. Bill Kirtley and Patricia M. Kirtley… Continue reading Concept Spotlight


We have been getting plenty of submissions and we look forward to reviewing them. If you have not already submitted make sure that you get those in before the due date. As for everyone else, there are only 130 days left until the first day of the conference. See you all soon!

Conference Registration

Early bird registration (until January 1, 2022) is $130 Standard registration (after January 1, 2022) is $150 To pay for the conference, please visit the FWPCA’s Square site or send a check by mail, payable to “NSHE Board of Regents,” to: Far West Popular Culture Associationc/o Lied Library Business & Finance4505 Maryland ParkwayBox 457001Las Vegas, NV 89154-7001… Continue reading Conference Registration

Potential Paper Topic

As many of you are already aware this year’s conference will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is often known for its lively nightlife and numerous casinos that offer 24/7 gambling. One potential paper topic or panel idea could be about gambling and popular culture. How do you see the two related? What… Continue reading Potential Paper Topic