We have been getting plenty of submissions and we look forward to reviewing them. If you have not already submitted make sure that you get those in before the due date. As for everyone else, there are only 130 days left until the first day of the conference. See you all soon!

Conference Registration

Early bird registration (until January 1, 2022) is $130 Standard registration (after January 1, 2022) is $150 To pay for the conference, please visit the FWPCA’s Square site or send a check by mail, payable to “NSHE Board of Regents,” to: Far West Popular Culture Associationc/o Lied Library Business & Finance4505 Maryland ParkwayBox 457001Las Vegas, NV 89154-7001… Continue reading Conference Registration

Potential Paper Topic

As many of you are already aware this year’s conference will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is often known for its lively nightlife and numerous casinos that offer 24/7 gambling. One potential paper topic or panel idea could be about gambling and popular culture. How do you see the two related? What… Continue reading Potential Paper Topic

Possible Paper Topic

There are endless possibilities when it comes to paper topics for our 34th conference. One topic that is particularly fascinating is “video games”. Video games emulate and are a part of popular culture in so many ways. Possible paper topics could explore how video games depict real-life scenarios, impact our consumption of popular culture, or… Continue reading Possible Paper Topic

Possible paper topic

As the current COVID-19 pandemic is still looming over us, popular culture continues to change and adapt. A great paper for the upcoming conference could analyze how COVID-19 has impacted popular culture and how we interpret information in the media. There are a plethora of other possibilities regarding paper topics and COVID-19. Focussing on our… Continue reading Possible paper topic

Registration Fees

Hi Everyone, Just a quick update. Registration fees for the conference have been set. Early bird registration will be $130 and normal registration will be $150. We will be using square for payment. Please let us know if we can help you with anything.

Potential Paper Idea

This year the FWPCA has a large list of potential topics that you all can submit. One new topic area is family and popular culture. We often consume popular culture with our families and watch popular culture that involves families. Many TV shows, movies, and songs touch upon the topic of family. One TV show… Continue reading Potential Paper Idea

Happy Labor Day

We are taking a week off from posting information for our upcoming conference. Thank you for your understanding. We will be back next week with more interesting paper ideas.

Potential Panel Idea

One of the areas of popular culture that presenters can choose to present on at the FWPCA conference is film/television. A great new show on Netflix called “The Chair” talks about secondary education and the complexities that come with being in a department. We thought this might be an awesome opportunity for you all to… Continue reading Potential Panel Idea